Treatment outcomes in a psychology training clinic

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Karen Saules, Ph.D., Chair

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Ellen Koch, Ph.D.

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Tom Waltz, Ph.D.


Psychotherapy outcomes are influenced by a number of factors, including client and therapist pretreatment, relational, and intervention factors. The current study utilized data from Eastern Michigan University's Psychology Training Clinic to investigate the effects of pretreatment factors as well as explore the pattern and timing of outcomes. The sample included 132 adult therapy clients, who were predominantly female (59.8%) and Caucasian (76.7%). Results demonstrated that indicators of problem severity are a robust predictor of treatment outcome. Furthermore, results from the current sample largely mimicked earlier studies, with approximately seven sessions being required for reliable improvement, and substantially more sessions were required for individuals to recover (median=19). Overall, a sizable proportion of the clients experienced clinically significant change (29.0%) or reliable improvement (12.2%), but a significant number of clients experienced no change (48.9%). Ultimately, the study represents an important step in synthesizing available clinical data and research methods, with the eventual aim of improving service delivery.

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