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Open Access Thesis

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Engineering Technology

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Deb deLaski-Smith, PhD

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Professor Jiang Lu


Profound effects of global warming, species extinction, pollution of air and water, resource depletion, and population growth demand that India, the second most populated country in the world, address the need for ecological responsibility. This phenomenological study explored awareness and perceptions of green/sustainable (G/S) design in India’s design community. Architects in the five geographic regions were interviewed. All were familiar with S/G design and said knowledge was “very important.” However, none felt “well-versed.” They believed lack of client awareness (49%) and materials (28%) were the major problems encountered. Although the vast majority was willing to promote S/G design, none had actually promoted it. All felt there were inadequate government incentives to persuade the design community to practice and promote S/G design. The study revealed an urgent need in India for education and promotion of ecological responsibility at a micro level through green design and at a macro level through sustainable development.