Kang Zhao

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Department or School

Computer Science

Committee Member

Matthew Evett, PhD, Chair

Committee Member

Augustine Ikeji, PhD

Committee Member

William McMillan, PhD


With the development of the World Wide Web, online courses are becoming more and more popular in modern science education. CyberLab aims to solve an important issue in distance science education -- laboratory experiments in online courses. It is a toolkit that handles creation, exportation, and execution of virtual experiments (within web browsers). It consists of LabCreator and LabExecutor. With LabCreator, instructors can create virtual experiments and export them into intermediate files. Students can download those files from online course websites and execute them in LabExecutor on their own computers.

The paper reports on the completion of two important tasks in the development of CyberLab: (1) the implementation of LabCreator and (2) a system allowing exportation of the experiment to intermediate web accessible format and the loading of the experiment into LabExecutor.

The feasibility of the design and structure of CyberLab is proved by integrating the LabCreator and LabExecutor for the first time. The advantage of CyberLab is shown through a demonstration of the deployment of a virtual experiment.