Chuan Gao

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Department or School

Technology Studies

Committee Member

Shinming Shyu


There are several emerging design methods and design thoughts, such as Evidence-Based design, Universal design, and so on, that have been utilized in spatial design. Further, the space design has been changed in the wake of invention of new materials, building technologies, and users' functional needs. Designers need to collect and reorganize a new spectrum of information in order to conduct design. Designer's thinking power plays an important role in creating space. Base on the research results in the realm of human cognitive faculty, synesthesia may hold the key to understanding a mechanism for thinking, cross-sensory perception and association involved in artistic and spatial creation. In addition, multimedia is the acting edge tool to support design methods and design thinking. Mathematical model can also be used for explain space design generation and design thinking. As a result, Chaos theory and Mandelbrot Set can be used to support new spatial design thinking and design models. Finally, this study examines Prezi, a multimedia-based tool, to integrate design thinking and communication.