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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Music and Dance

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Louise Patrick, PhD, Chair

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Michael McGuire, MM

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Leonard Riccinto, DMA


This descriptive study explored how elementary schools in the five public school districts in Livingston County, Michigan, report musical achievement to parents. The purposes were to examine what is assessed in K–4 music classrooms, what grading systems are used to report the assessment data, and how school districts use report cards to convey information about students’ musical progress to parents. The study involved questioning district curriculum directors, elementary school principals, and music teachers with response rates above 70%. In addition, music report cards were reviewed and a small sample of parents were surveyed. Analysis of descriptive statistics revealed that elementary music teachers assess musical skills and knowledge in addition to nonmusical factors. Student assessment data were reported in the form of standards-based grades on report cards.

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