Acta Cogitata: An Undergraduate Journal in Philosophy

Editor's Note: Issue 3

It is once again a fabulous pleasure to bring online another edition of Acta Cogitata. While I have now come to expect such outstanding work from philosophy’s top majors from around the nation, that expectation in no way diminishes just how impressive the work is.

This year I have been reflecting on the environments from which this work emerges. The schools, programs, and educators that lead students to this level of work are to be commended. Each of this year’s authors displays tremendous personal effort and ability. These talented authors have been supported in their endeavors, surrounded by bright colleagues, guided by fabulous mentors, and enabled by thriving intellectual communities. In addition to commending our wonderful authors, I would also like to commend those programs that serve to nurture these great new philosophic talents. I am very pleased that we have such vibrant communities, and that they are not uncommon across the country.

The journal continues to evolve, and I am very pleased to announce and to thank my student editor, Katie Coulter. She is also this year’s copy editor. Her keen philosophic ability and her precision as a writer has been a great boon to this year’s edition. The journal continues to support a peer review process, and we are looking forward to expanding our submissions this year.

I know you will enjoy these articles. Each brings considerable philosophic acumen to difficult puzzles. I could not be more pleased to be a part of this ongoing project.

Dr. W. John Koolage

Editor in Chief
Professor W. John Koolage

Student Editor & Copy Editor
Catherine Coulter