Factors impacting use of health IT applications: Predicting nurses’ perception of performance

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Technology Studies

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International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics


Nowadays, information technology tools are widely used in the healthcare industry to record and integrate medical data so as to provide complete access to patients’ information for coordinated healthcare delivery. Yet, the efficacy of these technologies depends on their successful implementation for, adoption by and/or adaptation to support health professional workers such as physicians and nurses. This study addresses the impact of specific factors including result observability, autonomy, perceived barriers, task structure, privacy and security anxiety on the nurses’ perception of their performance using health information technologies. Additionally, the effects of nurses’ personality factors are examined as moderating factors on the relationships between the organizational factors and nurses’ perception of performance. Multiple linear regression was applied to validate the proposed research model and professional autonomy, result observability, privacy and security anxiety were found to be key factors predicting the nurses’ perception of performance.

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