10.1016/j.indmarman.2020.07.021 ">

Third-party organization endorsement impacts on perceived value and B2B customer loyalty

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Industrial Marketing Management


© 2020. This research examines how unobservable product quality and information value can be signaled by third-party organization (TPO) endorsement. Furthermore, it explores how TPO endorsement can, in B2B settings, function as an efficient communication tool as well as branding strategy. This study analyzes the following four components: the relationship between expertise and trustworthiness of TPO endorsement, the influence of TPO endorsement on customer firms' perceived value, how perceived value can impact B2B customer loyalty, and how the relationship between TPO endorsement and perceived value is moderated by the parasocial relationship defined as one-sided but enduring relationship between media personae and B2B customers. Collecting data using a survey, the research team gathered a total of 273 usable responses. To examine the hypothesized relationships among variables, researchers applied structural equation modelling. The results show a positive association between the expertise and trustworthiness of a TPO endorsement, and that these characteristics of TPO endorsement positively affect perceived value. A positive association is also found between perceived value and B2B customer loyalty, while the parasocial relationship does moderate the relationship between TPO endorsement and perceived value.

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