Teacher beliefs about factors that influence motivation among adolescents with learning disabilities

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Special Education and Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Journal of Educational Studies and Multidisciplinary Approaches


Grounded in situated expectancy-value theory (SEVT), this study explored teacher beliefs about factors shaping task motivation among students with learning disabilities (LD). Analysis of individual interview and group discussions (using directed content and flexible coding approaches) indicated that middle school teachers saw the cultural milieu, beliefs of key socializers, student aptitudes & characteristics, and prior experiences as influencing students with LDs’ expectancy of, and value for, success. Teachers believed that, over time, their students with LD had frequently found themselves in situations that promoted low expectancy and value for present-day academic success. These findings highlight the potential usefulness of SEVT as a tool for taking a longer-term view of reasons students with LD are (or are not) motivated to engage in academic tasks.