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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Steven Backues, Ph.D.

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Hedeel Evans, Ph.D.


Autophagy is a necessary recycling process that occurs in cells, but the functions of the proteins that carry this out are not completely understood. The protein ATG10 has a distinct role in forming autophagosomes, large double membrane vesicles necessary for this process. ATG10 forms a covalent bond between the proteins ATG12 and ATG5 but its final effect on autophagosome formation is still unclear. We are using DNA manipulation techniques to add a myc epitope tag to yeast ATG5 which will allow us to measure the effect of atg10 mutants on ATG12-5 conjugation via Western Blot. These results will help us correlate ATG10 activity to autophagosome size and number.

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Biochemistry Commons