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Working with New Technologies and Environments

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For the "traditional" college student today, technology has been an integral part of their life. They are not only comfortable with it but they expect it in everything they do. Librarians must look to new technologies as a way to engage and teach these students. In this session, participants will learn about the H-ITT classroom response system, an interactive electronic teaching system that can be applied to a library instruction setting. This system increases student participation by soliciting anonymous feedback throughout a library instruction session and immediately displaying the results graphically. This system actively engages students in the learning process, allowing them to visualize their own progress. The application of the classroom response system provides on-the-fly feedback. The librarian, in turn, is able to re-review and make adjustments to the instruction session. Implementation of this technology has impacted not only the instruction program, but also the interactions with students in the classroom. This presentation will examine the logistics of implementing the system, the use of the system and its impact on information literacy instruction and assessment, as well as any future changes that can be made as a result of using this tool. Participants will hear some of the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, along with lessons learned from using a classroom response system. Audience members will also get a chance to test the system first-hand.