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Keeping Up with Change

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Most instruction librarians have favorite journals, professional associations, and electronic discussion lists that they rely on to stay current. The presenter will take a straw poll of the audience to see if there is a consensus, and discuss these choices in relation to competencies that an ideal instruction librarian might be expected to possess. The session will conclude with a review of a handout that will provide a wide-ranging list of the sources that an instruction librarian can draw on for professional development. The list will include not only sources specific to librarianship and learning, but also suggestions for keeping up with the changing environment in higher education, as it affects library instruction, and with the evolving nature of the student body. At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to identify a broad range of resources that they can use for their own continuing professional development as well as for training and mentoring new instruction librarians and will be able to describe the knowledge base that instruction librarians ideally should have.