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Keeping Up with Change

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How college students use the incredibly popular Myspace and Facebook directly relates to two conference themes: "Keeping up with Change" and "Working with New Technologies and Environments." Myspace and Facebook are fairly new web portals and services that have been embraced by Millennials and Generation Y. How can libraries and librarians utilize these technologies? This talk will begin with a brief introduction to features of these technologies, such as easy creation of personalized web sites, photo sharing, messaging capabilities, search functions, and most importantly, customizable campus-specific links. Differences and similarities among these technologies will be discussed as a way of understanding the reasons for the technology's rapid and wide adoption. Data on the usage and application amongst college students on campus at California State University at San Marcos, as well as high school and college students nationwide, will be provided. Particular focus will be on the many ways these technologies can be used to supplement an information literacy program, to facilitate outreach to a variety of campus populations, and to assess information literacy instruction. Librarians familiar with these technologies will find that they can be a powerful, effective way of reaching students at their point of need while minimizing barriers for students getting research assistance and access to library resources. Learning outcomes for this presentation will include: basic knowledge of the features of Myspace and Facebook, understanding of how college students use these technologies and ideas for practical integration into information literacy curriculum and outreach settings.