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With the ubiquity and familiarity of Google and similar resources, users are turning to search engines rather than to the library to find information. By using LibX (, libraries now have a free tool they can offer that instantly connects their users to the library’s resources, no matter where the user is on the web. Once a resource is offered by a library, librarians must become familiar with what it is and how to use it. In order to support the new tool, librarians should develop promotional strategies that will further encourage the use of the tool. Additionally, they must find effective and efficient ways to offer instruction sessions and materials. By studying a variety of marketing techniques and instruction formats used by libraries, educational institutions, and small businesses, this session will focus on how one can determine the best methods to inform and instruct users on how to use the library’s tools and services. I will introduce LibX and show what has been done to promote this tool, as well as discuss some of the instruction methods and user studies that have been incorporated.