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Business school students today want to plug in, download and go. That’s where podcasting comes in as a non-traditional medium/delivery to enhance student learning. The University of Michigan Kresge Dash Podcast Series developed by Digital Services Librarian Jennifer Zimmer and the Kresge Librarians delivers a substantial sound & visual “bite” of information: see

The scripts are edited to follow the Kresge Dash Podcast format (introduction, overview, content, recap, and conclusion.) The voice track is recorded, then screen shots and other images are added at appropriate chapter marks. Music and the logo for the series are added at the beginning and end of each Podcast to provide uniformity and branding. An Apple MacBook Pro and Plantronics headphone/microphone set are used to record the Podcasts. We have just edited our first video podcast as of this writing. More are in the works in time for the Conference.The episodes are “enhanced” podcasts, i.e., combining voice, images, video and links to websites, which can be played on an Ipod, or by using iTunes and QuickTime on the student’s computer.

In this Breakout Session, Jennifer will discuss how she created the podcasts—including what equipment she used, alternative equipment possibilities for other libraries, real world feasibility and costs, scriptwriting, video, mp3 players, problems and solutions, and future projects. Kresge Librarian Sally Ziph (fellow scriptwriter and Instruction Librarian videotaped for the podcasts) will discuss the results of student surveys of the podcast and Dash Series as tool(s) for learning about business resources at Kresge Library.