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In a world where so many students have turned to the web for fast, “good enough” answers, how can librarians work together to respond? Academic librarians can stimulate better collaboration with school librarians in both information literacy and collection development efforts. The presenters will discuss the challenges an academic library faced in a collaborative project with local middle and high school librarians. We will also demonstrate why this project was important, analyze what was learned, and discuss future plans to address anomalies identified in programs geared to enhance the information literacy skills of students at all levels.

Although many academic librarians may be ambivalent or hesitant about working collaboratively with school librarians to promote information literacy skills, we believe there are benefits to this collaboration. The presenters will describe their efforts to establish such a partnership. We added new partners to our collaboration. We will share our experience in working with student teachers from our University who are teaching information literacy skills to the students in our community. Building teams and developing mentoring relationships can be a difficult challenge. Differing academic calendars and daily schedules, access to technology, and travel restrictions are just a few of the factors affecting a positive collaboration among area librarians.

The project was funded with support from the State Library under a program promoting a “community resource without walls.” The presenters value this concept and continue to be eager to learn how other librarians have approached or established these relationships. Our experience has enabled us to identify critical components or successful collaboration between school and academic librarians and we look forward to extending this knowledge through lively discussion with conference attendees.