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Breakout Session

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The session will be separated into two sections: breaking new ground and foundational pedagogies for new course architecture. The presenter will first describe several models of course redesign and apply them specifically to redesigning an info/tech literacy course. These models go from partial to complete re-architecting, so participants would be able to fit their current information literacy course(s) into one of these models, making this session very valuable to any librarian wishing to improve information literacy (IL) instruction at their institution.

The second section will focus on pedagogies used for over a decade in the sciences, humanities and education for mega-classes that make use of active, workgroup learning, formative assessments and other individual and group activities that foster higher-level learning in large classes. While information literacy instruction has not yet been forced into this hostile pedagogical environment, there are valuable techniques that teaching librarians can learn from the mass-class architecture of discipline area classes. These pedagogies can not only manage the enlarging information literacy classes that we are often teaching, but also can provide to students a more self-driven and higher-order learning experience.