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What do you do when your faculty and staff are 1.0 people living in a 2.0 world? At the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga we realized that many of our librarians and staff were unfamiliar with the Web 2.0 technologies that are so important in our students’ lives. We see students devoting an enormous amount of time and attention to online social networking. In fact, Alexa reports that five social networking sites - YouTube, MySpace, Orkut, Wikipedia and Facebook – all rank in the top 10 global Web sites for usage volume. We figured that if every librarian and staff member had at least a fundamental grasp of some Web 2.0 basics, we could better serve our students in many ways, including finding innovative ways to interweave these technologies in our classes to create interest and relevance.

Using PCLMC’s Learning 2.0 Program as a model, we set up a 10-week self-directed program that created an easy transition to Web 2.0 technologies for our very definitely 1.0 folks. Faculty and staff began blogging, posting pictures online, creating pages on MySpace and Facebook, exploring social tagging with and LibraryThing, playing with Twitter and YouTube, using iPods and downloading podcasts.

The speaker will discuss our planning process, share helpful resources, highlight results attained, describe reactions from faculty and staff, talk about the challenges we faced and how we dealt with them, outline lessons learned, and discuss how we plan to incorporate those lessons as we continue our Learning 2.0 adventure next semester.