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What happens to an instruction program when it becomes successful; when demand for sessions outstrips available teaching space, technologies and teachers? Much instruction literature focuses on building programs, but there is little on managing a program that has become so popular that there are not enough spaces in the instruction calendar to handle the demand. This session will focus on building and sustaining such a program and the challenges to keep it moving forward. Over the last decade, Coastal’s instruction program has grown 68% and the number of students reached has grown 82%.

This session will focus on the success factors and challenges of managing growth. It is exciting to see years of hard work and determination resulting in success, but how do you handle the demand from multiple constituencies? How do you prioritize your resources and staff? How do you conduct assessment and how do you use the results? If growth is an assessment measure, how much can your program grow? When do you determine what services to sacrifice in order to accommodate your information literacy mission? What happens when demand exceeds capacity? At what point do you say no? In the final portion, attendees will participate in an assessment of their own programs. With the presenters as facilitators, they will identify key areas for either creating or managing growth. Our goal is for participants to leave with ideas that can assist in renewing their programs or can serve as springboards for new initiatives.