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At Indiana University-Bloomington, the libraries house many rooms that are used for instructional purposes, but none represents the characteristics of an ideal learning environment. In order to address the growing instructional needs of the IUB libraries and the lack of appropriate space in which to provide IL instruction, the libraries created a committee that was charged with making recommendations for new library classrooms. The group started this task by conducting a literature review on the concepts of classroom design and best practices. Finding surprisingly little research or practical information published about classroom design with which to guide them, the committee devised their own approach for assessing needs, reviewing current practices, and developing a plan for implementation.

During this presentation, we will share our experiences and the knowledge we gained in designing our ideal classrooms in order to assist others who are faced with a similar task. In addition, we hope this presentation will fill what we believe to be a gap in the professional literature by providing a forum for discussion and innovation which we will document and share broadly. To achieve this, our presentation will include an interactive breakout session during which groups of attendees will work together to design space for various types of teaching models. We will give participants “kits” to build the space using graph paper and pre-cut shapes. We will use the results of this session to launch a best practices website that includes the designs created by attendees, a blog, photo sharing, in addition to other relevant resources.

Interactive Session