LOEX Conference Proceedings 2009

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In Information Literacy, collaboration is a catch phrase for librarians working together with others within their institutions - but important collaboration must occur across institutions as well, if we are to meet increasing user demands for 24/7, point-of-need, instruction.

Learn how the ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project (ANTS) facilitates inter-institutional collaboration and enables libraries to build a critical mass of open source tutorials (aka Open Educational Resources) that can be uploaded, downloaded, customized, subscribed to, embedded, or syndicated via sites like Facebook, iTunes or Libguides. Also learn:

- How ANTS works to eliminate duplication of effort across institutions,

- How ANTS informs colleagues of Best Practices in Screencasting and how these practices have lead to the production of OER’s that are professional, authoritative, current and generic enough to be used in any library,

- How ANTS online broadcast network (http://liontv.blip.tv) ensures that librarian created content is made ubiquitously available to the online community, and

- How you can participate!