LOEX Conference Proceedings 2009

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Merriam-Webster online defines a "wiki" as "a Web site that allows visitors to make changes, contributions, or corrections". Librarians at Canisius College have used a variety of web-based collaborative resources such as wikis, Google applications, and Angel course management software to improve student engagement and faculty interest in information literacy instruction. These collaborative resources offer instructional support beyond the one-shot session in the library. They also provide an avenue for librarians to interact with students and faculty.

We have used wikis in several different ways. When students do not completely understand something discussed in the library session, or when they want more information, they use the wiki as a specialized subject guide. But the wikis go beyond that and provide a place for students, faculty, and librarians to engage the resource material. It also has the advantage of providing additional support from the library without using additional class time. Linking wikis through the course management system (Angel) ensures access to the target audience.

Our presentation will include examples of wikis that we have used, along with a discussion of how they were developed and some of our challenges, failures, and successes. We will report feedback from students and faculty, demonstrate how these resources support the information literacy goals of the Core Curriculum, and discuss what we have learned from assessment. We will also share future goals for this project.