LOEX Conference Proceedings 2009

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Delivering information literacy instruction through credit bearing courses has been practiced in university and college libraries for some time. However, when the UCLA Library considered developing a for-credit class, the traditional model of one credit, one instructor was simply not sustainable nor effective for the needs of the campus. Therefore, we looked to collaborate with our campus colleagues to develop a course, we chose to tap into librarians' expertise and interests to be able to deliver a collaborative model that can be flexible.

The two important components of our teaching model are:

1) a course that could be taught and coordinated by multiple librarians with different areas of expertise or interest;

2) a course that is supported and championed by campus partners thus ensuring high, stable enrollment.

The course, HNRS 101-I, Information and Research in Social and Behavioral Sciences, was designed to assist students who plan to be involved with a major research project, such as an honors thesis or other long term research project. Our intention is to connect students with resources available to them beyond the "usual suspects" and engage them more deeply with the libraries' collections.

The presentation will include background and development of the course, challenges and opportunities we experienced, and assessment and future planning. The audience will participate in an active learning exercise.