LOEX Conference Proceedings 2009

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From Covered Wagon to the Railroad

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This "recipe based and food themed" presentation will focus on the effective use of freely available web 2.0 technology on the web (delicious), and how it has transformed student access, engagement, and library use of the education materials available at Laurier’s library.

Because traditional cataloguing is limited in how in-depth subject headings can realistically be and practice has proven that subject description decided upon by non-practitioners can serve to obscure rather than clarify access to great materials. Finding curriculum related materials has proven very difficult for teacher education students given their needs (grade 2 math, about fractions), so a "delicious" resource finder was created to assist in gathering manipulative materials (games, toys), storybooks for reading, curriculum materials such as ideas of how to teach fractions to grade two students, and a myriad of great web resources and lesson-plans.

A timely discussion of how this type of technology fosters true and necessary collaboration, particularly in times of diminishing budget and resource allocations, and as a bonus promotes student life-long learning and retaining connections with the University, as graduates are welcome to use the resource finder and share their own recipes for successful teaching and learning.