LOEX Conference Proceedings 2009

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This highly interactive session will demonstrate teaching strategies through the use of educational gaming, audience response systems, and interactive online tools to engage students and add interest and excitement to library instruction. Educational gaming activities will range from large group interactive games useful as ice-breakers to small group activities to encourage concept brainstorming. The presenters will discuss reasons for using gaming activities, techniques for creating games, and how to improve student engagement. Clickers, an audience response system, will be used to demonstrate how this technology can be used as an ice-breaker, to improve attentiveness, to confirm student understanding, and to generate small group brainstorming. The presentation will then explore some of the interactive online tools that can be used to visualize information searching and retrieval to enhance information literacy instruction. Online tools such as Visual Thesaurus, Grokker, and KartOO offer unique ways to visualize information patterns, facilitate information discovery and navigation, and reveal hidden concepts to help students develop their information literacy skills. Finally, the presenters will investigate how these tools can be used to create involvement in online class environments.