LOEX Conference Proceedings 2010

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Expansion: Utilizing Nontraditional Instruction Methods

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Making the transition from lecture-based instruction delivery to an active, learner-centered model provides an excellent opportunity to blend creative ideas and new teaching strategies. Music students at Luther College are introduced to research in the discipline through learner-centered activities. You will experience elements of the Cephalonian method - music, color, and active engagement - as you participate in a component of the question-card sequence of the lesson plan. The presenter will discuss how teaching style, learning styles and pedagogy have played a role in reimagining the sessions as a place for active engagement. In looking at a selection of learning outcomes from the Music Library Association Information Literacy Instructional Objectives for Undergraduate Music Students, you will see how this model could be used successfully with research instruction for other subjects. This model has transformed student ownership and participation, as it allows authentic engagement with the material and establishes an open floor for additional questions and conversation with librarian as facilitator. A recently developed assessment instrument shows that learning objectives are being met. Bring your own discipline to the session - no previous musical knowledge is necessary!