LOEX Conference Proceedings 2010

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Bridges Near and Far: Forming Innovative Collaborations

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Tweeting in the classroom has started to take off, with some notable examples such as Monica Rankin's history class experiment at UT-Dallas and Cole W. Camplese's classroom backchannel at Penn State-University Park. Taking these experiments one step further, Dr. Gardner Campbell, Baylor University's Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning and Associate Professor of Literature and Media in the Honors College, invited Ellen Filgo, Baylor Libraries' E-Learning Librarian to participate in his First Year Seminar's Twitter experiment by becoming the class' Twitter-based reference librarian.

The students in Dr. Campbell's class were required to blog faithfully on the class readings and tweet their observations and notes during the class period. Filgo was visible in the class' Twitter stream, providing links and library resources related to the discussion, as well as in the class "motherblog" and syllabus wiki. By having a librarian virtually embedded in real-time in the class, the students were able to draw on a wider web of information both during and after the class discussion. The students' views of the library and library services also underwent a transformation as a result of this experiment. This presentation will highlight the librarian's experiences with the class, summarize best practices, and suggest opportunities for application within your own institution.