LOEX Conference Proceedings 2010

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Structural Supports: Assessment and Evaluation

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Imagine a room full of librarians and a blank, whiteboard. One librarian asks the group, "What do you want to teach students?" The librarians go beyond articulating instruction in the form of tools ("I teach the library catalog") to writing down ideas about real concepts ("I want students to be better information seekers") that students need to survive in an information-rich world.

How do you know if students learned from your instruction? How can you articulate your goals and assessments together as a library staff? The challenge of creating successful, measurable objectives across a large library system can be difficult to implement. This presentation will focus on how relevant, actionable learning objectives and measurable outcomes were created collaboratively across campus. These objectives and assessments were created for a "Scholarly vs. Popular" instruction module, a concept commonly covered in library instruction.

Information presented in this session will include a bibliography about objectives culled from the library literature and kindergarten-higher education research. It will also include findings from librarian interviews regarding how objectives can be created and what would be good methods to measure successful instruction in a "Scholarly vs. Popular" module.