LOEX Conference Proceedings 2010

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Bridges Near and Far: Forming Innovative Collaborations

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In order to reach learners where they already are, this project integrated LibGuides into two learning management systems using an embeddable widget. Moving the library resources into the students digital home - the LMS - rather than only providing resources within the library organization, we achieved a more user-centered service. Two disparate technologies were used: 1) LibGuides for creating the course guides, and 2) the widget, which is HMTL code that was added to an LMS (Moodle and JICS) and displayed in the course page.

Course Guides (using LibGuides) were created for four pilot course partners. Guides were tailored for specific research assignments for each class and populated with library resources, websites and multimedia content. Faculty may select features to add to the widget for their course page in the LMS (either Moodle or JICS). Options include: Custom search boxes for books and selected databases; Ask-a-Librarian chat widget.

Benefits of this project:

-Meaningful collaboration with faculty across campus departments.

-Increased instructional support, namely; enhancement of existing services, integration of Library Services into widely-used Learning Management Tools.

-Effective adaptation and synthesis of technologies to reach students in the online classroom environment.

-Potential for creating learning communities and enhancing connections with students.

-Increased exposure of the Ask-A-Librarian chat function, reinforcing the opportunities for supporting student learning.