LOEX Conference Proceedings 2010

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In this interactive presentation, MSU librarians will replicate a library instruction session for first-year students. Audience members will participate in a Cephalonian Method icebreaker activity and use clickers to demonstrate the different ways both techniques can be used in the classroom.

Participants will view a short (3-4 min.) video, develop critical questions, and construct keywords to begin finding answers. Instruction librarians will show how the answers are the basis of their thesis statements. Next, audience members will be divided into groups and directed to find information on the Web, the route a first-year student would naturally take. Then, groups will search for background information, scholarly articles, books, viewpoint essays, and general Web resources. A discussion will evolve about the myriad of limitations with using Web resources and the benefits of using parallel library resources such as online specialty encyclopedias, journal indexes, signed viewpoint articles, and the library catalog.

Then instruction librarians will fully explore the benefits of using library resources to help students find authoritative, credible, and relevant sources in the academic library. The session ends with discussing what was discovered during the presentation, showing the customized course guide where all the library resources are organized, and giving a final clicker quiz to assess what was learned and what may still be unclear.

Take away valuable tips and techniques from this session to use for your own information literacy instruction sessions!