LOEX Conference Proceedings 2010

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Bridges Near and Far: Forming Innovative Collaborations

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Google, our formidable competitor, requires us to be creative, proactive and strategic in designing services that integrate information competency into the curriculum. Faculty collaboration, library classes, freshmen orientation, club events, off-site reference and case competitions; these are the venues where Goizueta Business Librarians engage with students down the path towards using information intelligently for decision making and problem solving.

At Goizueta, the most effective way to teach research skills is to collaborate with professors on group projects. What are the elements of a successful collaboration? Why are some professors open to collaboration and others are not?

Our keystone program, Business Essentials, earned credit status in fall 2009. For more than six years, the library team has taught a series of classes to sharpen undergraduate business research skills. A contributing factor to gaining credit status was the extensive web of collaboration that the librarians created and nurtured over the years with faculty, students, career advisors and program staff. Learn some ideas for engaging student beyond the reference desk - everything from dunk-tank volunteer to tour guide in Turkey.