LOEX Conference Proceedings 2010

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Bridges Near and Far: Forming Innovative Collaborations

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Many community college students begin their studies with the intention of ultimately continuing their education at a four-year school. However, students who enter community college with non-proficient information literacy (IL) skill levels often find it difficult if not impossible to make a successful transition. This presentation will describe a collaborative research project funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services that focuses on developing effective information literacy instruction for community college students with non-proficient IL skills and involves academic librarians at two community colleges and faculty from an ALA-accredited LIS school. The presentation will briefly describe the project itself and summarize the results to date, but will focus primarily on the role of collaboration in the project. It will be argued that the collaborative nature of this project can serve as a model for collaboration between academic libraries and LIS schools, as well as between community colleges and research universities.