LOEX Conference Proceedings 2011

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Internet Innovations: Tutorials, LibGuides and Everything Else

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n this workshop, we will discuss how the information revolution affects teaching information literacy -- specifically, students' need for digital wisdom. Today, students are usually aware of what technology can do for them socially but do not know how to produce and critically assess digital knowledge in their scholarship. Demonstrating the production of digital objects will help promote digital wisdom in the classroom by making the process transparent. To this end, we will demonstrate the following:

- A LibGuide that is interactive, welcoming, personal, and helpful and that will focus on how to teach students or faculty about video editing. We will discuss how to point students to these tools and give them step-by-step instructions, and we will explain how to talk to students about broader issues of copyright and content acquisition since they often have a facile view of how multimedia are produced and how copyright works.

- A video that is shot on a Flip camera and edited while the workshop participants watch. This demonstration is meant to help participants realize that teaching basic video-editing skills can be relatively quick and painless.

- A screencast service that we have personalized to students' and faculty members' individual needs. We use a free service to answer individual questions as they come in via an online form that feeds into a database that we made, which we will also showcase.

- As participants become familiar with these technologies, they should also become more comfortable with them and realize that learning and teaching them can be relatively quick and painless.