LOEX Conference Proceedings 2011

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Powerful Pedagogy: Teaching Techniques that Work

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This presentation will focus on Music 228 -- the required credit-bearing discipline-specific information literacy course for undergraduate music students at the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta in Camrose, Alberta, Canada. Augustana students in both the Bachelor of Arts (Music) and Bachelor of Music degrees are required to take this course (preferably in their 2nd year of study) to graduate. This presentation will include discussion of the course structure, example assignments and practical advice. Commentary will be offered regarding the course components including, but not limited to: understanding information, using the library catalogue, interdisciplinary and subject specific database searching, citation and plagiarism, using internet resources for academic research, etc. In addition, the presenter will discuss the co-requisite feature which encourages students to take a music history course concurrently with Music 228, thereby putting IL pedagogy into immediate and relevant practice. As well, results of 10 years of assessment of student learning via pre- and post tests in Music 228 will be reviewed. Strategies for implementing and sustaining such a course, including aspects of collaboration with faculty, will also be shared.