LOEX Conference Proceedings 2011

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Handouts can be more than just copies of PowerPoint slides printed in handout mode. Handouts can include descriptions of resources, search strategies, and activities created for a specific library instruction session. Creating paper handouts may appear low tech compared to creating online content and reaching out to students via social networks and course management systems. However, handouts can appeal to visual and kinesthetic learners. During the summer and fall of 2010, instruction librarians at the University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) experimented with ways to better utilize instruction session handouts to include critical information while incorporating active learning exercises, database comparison charts, and promotion of online resources.

With the advent of online instruction resources, like LibGuides and videos, are paper handouts still relevant? Should handouts be given out during sessions? Do handouts need to be critically examined in order to remain useful for students? Join the discussion about the usefulness of paper handouts, and bring your ideas to rethink instruction session handouts.

In this interactive session, participants will see and discuss handout examples from UHCL librarians and library literature. After a discussion about the potential usefulness of handouts, participants will break into small groups, and each will be given an instruction scenario. In the small groups participants will discuss the most important information for students to take away from the session and brainstorm various ways to present this information using a handout.