LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Chef's Surprise - Pursuing Cutting-Edge Trends in Teaching and Learning

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Working with Millennial students requires librarians to use new approaches to engage and reach them effectively. Games offer an entertaining and effective means of teaching students basic information literacy principles while introducing them to the library and library services. Over a two-year period, the Utah Valley University (UVU) Library created and piloted two self-paced orientation games to introduce the library and library services. The Get a Clue game used clues placed throughout the building to orient students to the physical library and basic services while solving a mystery. LibraryCraft used an online game to introduce students to the library’s website and electronic resources while working to slay a dragon.

This program will address the educational foundations of gaming, why it is an appealing instructional method, how the UVU Library created orientation games, and what lessons the library staff learned to help other libraries in their quest to create appealing games.