LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Cocktails: Engaging Students with Active Learning

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In our globalized world, students now have access to a variety of viewpoints in a variety of formats from around the globe. This creates new challenges for students in the evaluation and understanding of information. As a result, it is becoming increasingly more important for our students to understand where their information is coming from and be able to read and interpret the format of this information. This entails having literacies that go beyond text and includes cultural, social, critical, and digital literacies.

This presentation will provide an overview of opportunities to integrate the teaching of new literacies into existing instruction programs using a constructivist method, actively engaging students in the process of assigning their own meaning and values to the skills taught in class. This includes the integration of social networking, use of multimedia and visual tools, making connections between text, social groups, and social practices and moving beyond what is written and literal to assist students in taking an appropriate means of action based on their evaluation of content.