LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Combo Platter: Collaborating Across Campus and with Different Institutions

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The presentation illustrates the partnership between an education librarian, a School of Education faculty member, and a graduate student in the School of Library and Information Science, and their use of multiple media platforms for teaching a web-enhanced Grand Challenge course about social justice issues in education.

As a first-year course, Grand Challenge is designed for students to discuss and find creative solutions to global issues while addressing general education learning outcomes such as examining human differences and developing effective writing and information literacy skills. The presentation provides an example of an innovative teaching partnership based on the backward design of instruction method and experiments with the use of the Digital Information Fluency (DIF) model for teaching transliteracy. In addition, the presentation addresses the use of Writing Across the Curriculum principles, including the use of peer review and assistive technologies such as Inspiration to address writing challenges. Best practices for the use of digital technology, to include Sakai features such as Forums, Blogger, Glossary, and the Discussion Board for collaborative teaching and learning, and ScreenR for tutorial creation are discussed.

The conclusion of the presentation provides a description of assessment and evaluation tools that were used and data analysis of student learning outcomes that will inform future teaching and collaboration.