LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Graphic Novels and Introduction to Library Research is an innovative project created by Associate Librarians Rob Weiner and Carrye Syma. For a one hour credit Library course on research, a graphic novel was created with the assistance of a member of the Libraries’ Communications and Marketing Department. This graphic novel is a complement to the power points previously created for instruction in the course. The novel presents information for various modules in the class, allowing students to experience learning in a fun and exciting manner.

The narrative for the graphic novel was written by Carrye Syma and illustrated by Kevin Jones. In classic graphic novel style, the information on various research processes is presented with text and illustration. The goal of this project is to reach learners using various learning styles and methods. All students have access to the power points for the class and lecture is presented during class. The graphic novel is seen as s supplementary material. In addition to the graphic novel, short videos were created using Xtranormal, a movie making cite. The short videos created along with the novel reach students who are visual learners as well as auditory.

At the end of each semester that Weiner and Syma have taught their course, students were asked to complete a short survey on Survey Monkey. This survey asked students about their experience in the class combining the traditional methods of teaching, power point and lecture, with the innovative methods of graphic novel and movie shorts.