LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Interactive Workshops

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Team-based learning (TBL) has the potential to radically reinvent what happens in the classroom and how students learn. TBL is increasingly used in a wide range of disciplines, from the health sciences to criminal justice to art history. While there are few reports of its use in information literacy instruction, librarians who have used it have found it to be transformative. Team-based learning was developed by Larry Michaelsen at the University of Oklahoma in the 1970s. It is distinct from problem-based learning or the informal use of groups.

Team-Based Learning strategies encourage students to take more responsibility for their learning, and engage them in actively applying course content to relevant problems. The presenters have experience using TBL for one-shot information literacy sessions; in 3-week for-credit information literacy classes; and in half-semester information literacy classes. Through hands-on activities, workshop participants will discover how TBL methods can be used to engage students in actively learning information literacy concepts.