LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Chef's Surprise - Pursuing Cutting-Edge Trends in Teaching and Learning

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This presentation provides a model for the design and implementation of a successful credit-bearing information literacy course that addresses the most common objections against stand-alone library instruction. It emphasizes two key principles, making it relevant to students and university administrators alike: integration into the university general education program, and the contextualization of information-seeking mechanics by introducing students to the economic, political and social context in which information is produced, managed and used. These principles lay the foundation for the development of critical information literacy skills that students can transfer to other courses and beyond. Offering stand-alone instruction while integrating it into the curriculum is an innovative strategy that opens the way for the creation of advanced, discipline-specific and program-embedded library instruction.

The presenters will show the course syllabus and a sample online module, and will outline strategies to integrate information literacy into the general education program. They will invite participants to debate the potential benefits and pitfalls of stand-alone, credit-bearing library courses and to assess the effectiveness of the solutions offered in the presentation.