Volume 1, Issue 1 (2008)

This inaugural issue of the EMU McNair Chronicles marks an important milestone for the McNair Scholars whose work is presented here, as well as the McNair Program, itself less than a year old. Over the course of the fi rst year of EMU’s McNair Program, I have had the pleasure of seeing the program develop. More importantly, I have witnessed a group of talented scholars come into their own as researchers. The work collected here represents a selection of the research pre- sented at this year’s McNair Summer Research Institute Symposium. The scholars who presented their work in that forum, including those whose work is included in this issue, demonstrate the immense talent of EMU’s undergraduate students and that of the McNair Scholars in particular. I wish to congratulate all of the scholars on their hard work and commitment to undergraduate research. I am confi dent that we will be hearing about their work for years to come.



Notes from the Directors
James A. Knapp and Betty Brown-Chappell