Enhancing information privacy and data sharing in a healthcare IT firm: The case of Ricerro Communications

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Information privacy and data sharing are two conflicting but important data management concerns. As more data are shared among stakeholders, the design of information systems (IS) often emphasizes on data sharing at the expense of information privacy. Unfortunately, existing IS research on designing tools to enhance information privacy is isolated from actual use of the tools. In this research, we examined the design of a data sharing system in a real-world company. The company, Ricerro Communications, Inc., produces and markets wearable communications devices used mainly in healthcare organizations. Poor data sharing in Ricerro's multiple systems resulted in loss of information privacy and security and inefficiency, seriously affecting customer relationship management. A consulting team has analyzed Ricerro's needs, gathered stake holder requirements, and developed a privacy-enhancing data integration solution, which consists of database schema integration and data migration from various sources to a Web-based transaction processing system. Through this industry case, we illustrate how our developed principles and guidelines for designing IT artifacts incorporate the benefits of information privacy and data sharing. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]