Norwegian internet shopping sites: An application & extension of the Technology Acceptance Model

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Managers need to understand the role the Internet plays in customer's purchasing patterns and take advantage of this phenomenon. For this study, 292 Norwegians responded to the researchers survey regarding Internet shopping. The purpose of this research was as follows: 1. to apply, examine, and test the technology acceptance model (TAM) in the context of Internet shopping sites, 2. to understand the relationship between the TAM, involvement, and affinity with the computer in the context of Internet shopping sites, and 3. to examine these constructs and relationships in an international environment. While most of their hypotheses were supported, two conflicting results indicate additional research is needed regarding the validation and usefulness of TAM in an international setting. Opportunities abound for future research. Yet their study is one of the first to combine involvement and computer affinity with the Technology Acceptance Model in an international setting.