Thai exporter and U.S. importer relations: A pilot study using email survey

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Email is a viable option to web–based surveys; however, a number of factors such as lack of anonymity, incentives and incompatibility with software used have affected this method of disseminating surveys. In addition, response rates may vary depending on the context of the study. Thus, circumstantial evidence is needed to justify or refute this claim. This paper describes the data collection process for an email–based survey to analyse Thai exporters' perceptions of US importers. The study tests the Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) framework, a salient subject in this industry, through a modified questionnaire previously administered on US–based exporters using regular mail. The low response rate from this set of exporters limits significant statistical testing. However, the correlations between the TCA variables justify the popularity of continued usage of TCA framework in relational exchanges. The paper concludes by offering theoretical explanations behind this low response rate and provides suggestions for improvements.