The Student Senate, founded in 1914 by University President McKenny, is the oldest student representative body and the second oldest deliberative body on Eastern Michigan University. The Student Senate is the central part of Student Government, holding the legislative power and is comprised of Student Senators. A Student Senator acts as a representative of the Student Body through faithful service as a voting member of the Student Senate. Each Senator represents 1,000 students at EMU. Senators fulfill the mission and purposes of Student Government by volunteering within a Standing Committee and actively engaging the university to ensure that students are put first. Senators draft and vote on important resolutions which seek to improve the lives of students both on and off campus. Borrowed from the EMU Student Government Website (

Materials housed in the University Archives include the Student Government Records

Collection Identifier: 04.SG

Submissions from 2011


Transportation for Physically Impaired 98th Senate, Eastern Michigan University (student_senate)