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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Leadership and Counseling

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Ronald Flowers, Ed.D.

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James Barott, Ph.D.

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Rema Reynolds, Ph.D.

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Robert M. Orrange, Ph.D.


Under Proposal A, all public schools in the state of Michigan receive a per-pupil foundation allowance. The context in which a school district exists is not a part of this centralized funding system. As a researcher and 30-year practitioner, I believe context matters and policy becomes relevant at the point of implementation. Equal funding does not automatically make it adequate. Therefore, I designed a case study of Huron Valley Schools to examine the causal relationship that exists between this centralized funding system, the school district, and the communities that exist in the district. To understand the current policies and practices of the district, I examined the history of school funding in Michigan, the development of Huron Valley Schools, and the historical development of each community within the school district were told. Secondary data and published books were used to complete the study. This case study highlights the value of context and the long-term implication of policy decisions. All policies have consequences, intended or unintended. Policymakers and school administrators, need to move beyond the immediate need and must consider not only the future need but how policies may play out in a particular context. State funding structures need to consider the context in which the district exists and adjust funding structures to adequately meet the unique context and need of each district.