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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Health Sciences

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Jean Rowan, MD, MS.

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Ding Wang, MD, Ph.D.


Health centers are uniquely positioned to address the growing need for uniform clinical research training, which leads to scientific advances in improving overall population health outcomes. This study surveyed 44 clinical research professionals for their current baseline of research competency and perceptions, within a single medical campus in Michigan, to obtain the current baseline of education research competency for the suggested development and implementation of a future clinical research training curriculum. Clinical study coordinators and senior staff physicians accounted for 50% (22) of the survey respondents. Most of the participants 93% (41) reported that the primary source of their research education was from on-the-job training. A significant correlation was found between the self-reported level of understanding good clinical practice (GCP) and the number of clinical trials supported. A larger sample size is warranted to evaluate the impact of a formal research training program for clinical research professionals.