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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Stephen Jefferson, Ph.D.

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Rusty McIntyre, Ph.D.

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Angela Staples, Ph.D.


Research surrounding measures of privilege awareness commonly involve White privilege awareness. However, relatively few (i.e., Privilege and Oppression Inventory) look other forms of privilege (i.e., heterosexual, sexism, religion). As such, this study looked to create a more extensive scale that would assess Christian privilege awareness among Christian participants. Items were adapted from theoretically analogous White privilege scales in addition to literature on Christian privilege. Using a sample of 391 participants recruited from Facebook, Reddit, SONA and Twitter, an exploratory factor analysis was run on a 28-item scale. The analysis suggested that a final 21-item, two-factor solution was the best fit for the data after considering factor cross loadings and variance explained. Convergent and concurrent validity are also established. Finally, future directions and limitations are also discussed.