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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Teacher Education

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Joe Bishop, Ph.D.

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Christopher Robbins, Ph.D.

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Dyann Logwood, Ph.D. Ph.D.

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Heather Nicholson-Bester, Ph.D.


This dissertation utilizes intersectionality, critical race feminism (CRF), Black feminist research and case studies to explore Black women’s oppression in education. This research study contributes to a growing body of work on Black females’ experiences of marginalization socially and educationally. The aim of this research was threefold: (a) to provide a theoretical analysis on the marginalization of Black females in society and exercising agency; (b) to explore my own memories and amplify my voice through an autoethnography, highlighting personal lived experiences of oppression in education; and (c) to provide a qualitative analysis on Black women oppression, amplifying the voices of participants and placing them at the center of the analysis. A small dataset of four participants allowed me to identify and report specific themes that emerged from their stories. Experiences shared in this research shed light on various ways Black females experience and navigate oppression. The findings reveal intersecting social injustices that played a key role in their educational experiences.